Thursday, 1 September 2011

Erepublik : the new world : a needed thing

ERepublik is one of the best strategy games online today. It has got all the fun needed in the strategy game. It’s based in today’s world and is more like a virtual world game. I personally like this game very much. You can fight for the glory or conquer other countries and have total fun. 

Gold is the most precious material in this game. You get 1 gold per level you go up.We can earn gold even by Inviting our friends and get 10% of all Gold they will receive in eRepublik from achievements and purchases. 

Please join as my referral and get a complete newbee guide:  How to level up fast in the erepublik game. 

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Needed thing: Make money by sharing videos.

Get paid by sharing videos with the rest of the world.

You can share and monetize your video content. It’s as simple as that. The site provides a powerful and reliable online video hosting service. You might have heard or probably earning money from files sharing services present online. Now you can even make money by sharing the videos. You can make upto $30 per 10000 views.

You can even upload your youtube videos with videobb and make money based on the views and the country of the viewer. The best thing about this site is you get paid for even the d category Ip that is “paid for all countries”.

The detailed chart of the video rates for different countries and the video length is below:

I personally am making money by sharing my Youtube videos and my friend’s videos. I am surprised to see that I am making $2 per week just from my youtube videos. The site provides hassle free, quick uploads through FTP and remote upload.

Invest some money and become premium member and earn more. IU recommend you all guys this site as one of the needed things on the internet today.

Referral earnings are 25%. Join, share, refer and earn money.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Needed things: Forex trading account to make money online.

Forex account is one of the most needed things online.  Making money in forex will not be as easy as any other sites. Here you have to spend some time and learn at least few basic things. You can learn these basics from thousands of the sites present online. 

Few of the most important things to keep in mind while doing Forex trading are:
1.       Knowing the Basics
You have to know basics of forex before entering into the forex market or the war arena. There are  n number of sites available on net. Just google forex basics and choose the one you like and learn things. It’s that simple.
2.       Practice Forex on demo account.
I suggest that before putting your hard earned real money into the market, practice trades on any demo account.  It definitely gives you the feel of the place and some experience before putting in the money.
Well there are 2 schools of thought one who believes demo accounts are goodrket. H will not be as easy as any other sites. Here you ha and the other does not.
3.       Analysis of the market
This is one of the most important basics you should learn for sure. You should not be blindly believing on tips or following somebody. This takes some of your time and hardwork. Believe me once you start doing your analysis. You really will start reaping small but sure profits.

Mind you these are just the things which will make you a noob from an illiterate of forex trading. The scope of making money here is very good. This market runs for 24 hrs, giving you the option of making more money for yourself.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Needed-things : Bronze MLM

1. Registration here is instant. It takes couple of minutes to register, 24 hrs is the time allotted to get to level 1 which should be confirmed by your supervisor. The moment your supervisor confirms you, your earnings start. Ordering a level in 24 hrs is a must, if not you will be removed from the system. You don’t have to worry here as you can join back. 

2.  The system of matrix is simple here; any spillovers are added to your downline.  The new member who joins without any referral link automatically joins under the guy who has the least referrals.
3. Each member has the access to the statistics and email of the curator, referrals etc. Instant email notification is also enabled by the system, which will inform u of the new referrals, order confirmation, sales etc.

4. The one most important thing here is payments are direct between the parties. We hope fraud is eliminated completely by the project administration.
5. Upgrading to the next level is completely in your hands. You can do it instant even you don’t have the valid amount of referrals under your downline.
6. You can register as many times as you want. You have to register with other name and email address and you cannot join twice at one go. Be careful, Your accounts may get deleted.

The structure of MLM is : 

Level                         Price                      Referrals                             Profit
1.                            1 USD                     3 - people.                          3 USD
2.                            2 USD                     9 – people.                         18 USD
3.                            10 USD                   27 - people.                        270 USD
4.                            100 USD                 81 - people.                        8100 USD