Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Earn simple money with Prizelive : one of the needed things !

Guys this site is not any other PTC site. It’s different. It’s so different that people have named it as a mix of earning site / social networking site.  To be honest to you all it’s one of the coolest places on internet. I personally place this site in the list of Needed things. We not only can earn some money but can also hangout with other guys through the active forum.
The best part which I liked here is we not only can do PTC but also can do offers to earn money. To top it all there are cash games. TBH I spend a lot of time here at Prizelive especially at games section.
The pay out is also very less here compared to other sites on internet. It’s just $1.

I as the most unimaginativeguy recommend to u to please join this coolest site and earn some cool money for you in the most fun manner. I find the games very easy and addictive to earn money. I once again am compelled to say that this site is one of the Needed things.

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