Thursday, 25 August 2011

Needed thing: Make money by sharing videos.

Get paid by sharing videos with the rest of the world.

You can share and monetize your video content. It’s as simple as that. The site provides a powerful and reliable online video hosting service. You might have heard or probably earning money from files sharing services present online. Now you can even make money by sharing the videos. You can make upto $30 per 10000 views.

You can even upload your youtube videos with videobb and make money based on the views and the country of the viewer. The best thing about this site is you get paid for even the d category Ip that is “paid for all countries”.

The detailed chart of the video rates for different countries and the video length is below:

I personally am making money by sharing my Youtube videos and my friend’s videos. I am surprised to see that I am making $2 per week just from my youtube videos. The site provides hassle free, quick uploads through FTP and remote upload.

Invest some money and become premium member and earn more. IU recommend you all guys this site as one of the needed things on the internet today.

Referral earnings are 25%. Join, share, refer and earn money.

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