Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Needed-things : Bronze MLM

1. Registration here is instant. It takes couple of minutes to register, 24 hrs is the time allotted to get to level 1 which should be confirmed by your supervisor. The moment your supervisor confirms you, your earnings start. Ordering a level in 24 hrs is a must, if not you will be removed from the system. You don’t have to worry here as you can join back. 

2.  The system of matrix is simple here; any spillovers are added to your downline.  The new member who joins without any referral link automatically joins under the guy who has the least referrals.
3. Each member has the access to the statistics and email of the curator, referrals etc. Instant email notification is also enabled by the system, which will inform u of the new referrals, order confirmation, sales etc.

4. The one most important thing here is payments are direct between the parties. We hope fraud is eliminated completely by the project administration.
5. Upgrading to the next level is completely in your hands. You can do it instant even you don’t have the valid amount of referrals under your downline.
6. You can register as many times as you want. You have to register with other name and email address and you cannot join twice at one go. Be careful, Your accounts may get deleted.

The structure of MLM is : 

Level                         Price                      Referrals                             Profit
1.                            1 USD                     3 - people.                          3 USD
2.                            2 USD                     9 – people.                         18 USD
3.                            10 USD                   27 - people.                        270 USD
4.                            100 USD                 81 - people.                        8100 USD

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